After a year-long fundraising drive (resulting in close to $100K) at the inception of the Gay Community Endowment Fund (GCEF) in fall of 2000, all went quiet after 9/11 and founding members looked for a way to jump start fundraising for GCEF. The result, with the help of Eric Jones, was the first Sugar Plum Tour in December of 2002.

Since 2002, the Sugar Plum Tour has been a cherished Akron holiday tradition — with many people marking the calendar a full year in advance for the next tour!! Over the years, nearly 90 homes have been on tour, and over 6,000 people have experienced the twinkling lights, roaring fires, sparkling trees, and extraordinary holiday decorations of homes throughout the greater Akron area. The tour has raised nearly $400,000 for the Gay Community Endowment Fund of Akron Community Foundation!

The tour could not take place each year if it weren’t for the extraordinary efforts and generosity of our tour and patron homeowners. Their dedication, hard work and “over the top” decorating skills have made our tour an annual holiday tradition:

2016 Homeowners

Dr Kate Raymond & Michelle Krocker
Andrew Kyprianou & Brian Rodabaugh
Brian & Georjette Thomas
Julie Miller
Dr Alice Christie

Patron Home
Jeff & Linda Shackelford

2015 Homeowners

Scott Bible & David Dixon
Bill Flemm
Brian Hurtt & Bradley Plaster
Gayle Johnson
Bill & Kathy Kirk
Gene May

Patron Home
Dr. Rick & Mrs. Pat O'Desky


2014 Homeowners

Brian Elter & Mark Williams
Johnny Kotema & Austin Seip
Ben Manista & Matt McCallam
Earlene McGonegal & John Betonte
Sarah Vradenburg

Patron Home
Bob & Babette Medcalf

2013 Homeowners

Bill & Lynne Dowling
Brad & Amy Bowers
Gregory Hail & Matthew Culler
Brian Reeder & Terri Nass Reeder
Greg Downey

Patron Home
Northside Lofts / Testa Companies

2012 Homeowners

Sue Price & Ron Bishop
Darren Mauch & Kent Kinzer
Wendy Grugle & Shane Seymour
Jim & Jennifer Cauffield
Dr. Robert & Mrs. June Netzley

Patron Home
Mark & Shelly Allio

2011 Homeowners

Tom & Dona Cardone
Barry Dunaway
Tom Hutchison
Andrew Kyprianou & Brian Rodabaugh
Dr. Ed & Mrs. Margie McDonnell

Patron Home
Gregory Hail & Matthew Culler

2010 Homeowners

Kevin Pribble & Scott Sella
Rob Nelson 
Mike Gunter & Tom Heggan
Dr. Mike & Mary Kay Hopkins
Ed & Fran Bittle
Mike & Pola Ochsenhirt

Patron Home
John & Mary Kay Chlebina

2009 Homeowners

Laura Gelfand & Andrew McAllister
Jeff Reeder & Tim Danks
Elizabeth & Timothy Sheeler
A. Joshua Sims
Bruce Stebner & Jim Mismas

Patron Home
Pat & Jerry Barrett

2008 Homeowners

Carolynne & Dr Fabian Breaux
John Crawford & Frank Spinelli
William & Jennifer Frantz
Martha Kaltenbach & Thomas Trotter
Steven Martin & Dana Merrill

Patron Home
Gerri & Dr James George

2007 Homeowners

Malina Coleman
Candy & Charles Grisi
Judge Jerry Larson
David & Gina Giffels
Judy & Lee Combs

Patron Home
George & Maureen Bain

2006 Homeowners

John & Sheila Hutzler
Marvin & Mari-Lynn Evans
Clay & Nancy Rhinehart
Joe Boyle & Ken Jakubec
Mike Gunter & Greg Perry

Patron Home
Jack & Sara Jeter

2005 Homeowners

Jo Dangel & Diane Kovachik
Ann LaRose
Darren LeBeau & David Stinson
Sarah Vradenburg
Bob & Shari Whitfield

Patron Home
Joel Wolfgang and Scott Griffith

2004 Homeowners

Amelia & Ronnie Butler
Joe Haban & Brian McGuire
Neil Leeson & Ron White
Jim & Leslie Pickard
Mary Helen & Bruce Wright

Patron Home
Katherine & Wayne Kleski

2003 Homeowners

Ted Ciano
Paul Daum
Jewell Jackson
Bob Jurkoshek
Mark Williams

Patron Home
Mike Gunter & Greg Perry

2002 Homeowners

Claudia Bjerre
Nate Gatton & Jim Kefalos
Eric Jones
Vaughn Morrison
Mike Gunter & Greg Perry

Patron Home
Andrew Blank & Garryd Koynock