Our History

How It All Began

After a year-long campaign that raised almost $100,000 to establish the Gay Community Endowment Fund in the fall of 2000, all went quiet after September 11, 2001, and founding members looked for a way to jump-start fundraising for GCEF. The result, with the help of Eric Jones of Jones Group Interiors, was the first Sugar Plum Tour in December 2002.

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, sponsors, homeowners and tourgoers, in the last decade alone, the tour has raised over $1 million for the Gay Community Endowment Fund!

Read more about the history of the tour and how it's grown over the last 20+ years.

Extraordinary Generosity

The tour could not take place each year if it weren’t for the extraordinary efforts and generosity of our sponsors and homeowners. Their dedication has made our tour an annual holiday tradition.

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